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What kind of features come in the package?

The features that are highlighted in the package are food and drink vouchers to our partnered restaurants. We try to feature items that are specific to that month (like a seasonal drink) or food items that the restaurant is known for. You also won't find these offers anywhere else! 

Are the restaurants in the package located throughout the entire DFW area?

We target the uptown and surrounding neighborhoods of Dallas. These include but are not limited to: Victory Park, Oak Lawn, Lower and Upper Greenville, Highland Park, University Park, Deep Ellum, Downtown. We want our service to be convenient and easily accessible to the majority of our Dabble members. 

Am I locked in to a membership once I sign up?

No! Memberships are month-to-month or you can pay in advance for a three month package. You can cancel anytime by logging in to your customer portal on the website.

Why should I sign up?

You want to know where to go, you just lack the time or don’t know how to find the hot local spots. Let us be your food and drink tour guide and gain exposure to all the places you have somehow missed. 

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